Lessard Research Group - Next Generation Materials for Next Generation Applications

Train Sublimation Purification Setup

Obtaining electronic grade purity for organic molecules is necessary prior to  organic electronic devices integration. This level of purity is obtained by train sublimation. The small molecules sublime under vacuum and travel down a temperature gradient and condense at different distances depending on molecular mass. This salable technique is an effective way to obtain highly pure materials. 

Physical Vapour Deposition Chamber

Organic Electronic prototypes are fabricated in our custom physical vapour deposition system. The system was assembled by Angstrom Engineering and is equipped with 6 thermal evaporation sources, combinatory shuttering, substrate heating stage, shelf with robotic arm for in-situ mask changes and more. The chamber is built into a dual glove box to facilitate inert transfers of substrates into the chamber. The glove boxes are equipped with built in spin coater and vacuum oven to facilitate solution processing of films prior to thermal evaporation.