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Book Chapter on the use of Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization for Next Generation Materials is now Published!

Chapter 11: Novel Materials: From Nanoporous Materials to Micro-Electronics

From the book: Nitroxide Mediated Polymerization : From Fundamentals to Applications in Materials Science

Abstract: Nitroxide mediated polymerization (NMP) has been used to synthesize numerous different materials for a variety of emerging and next generation applications. NMP facilitates the incorporation of functional monomers, controls polymer microstructure and often does not require excessive purification steps prior to use in a variety of electronic and biological applications. This chapter discusses the role of NMP in the advancement of novel material applications, such as nanoporous membranes, nanofeatured templates, proton exchange membranes, and electron donor–acceptor polymers for organic photovoltaics, organic light emitting diodes and electrical memory applications. Finally, a short discussion on the current commercial implementations of NMP will also be presented.

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