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Congrats Owen! Review article on Phthalocyanine-based OTFTs published!

New review article published in Applied Materials and Interfaces!


Metal phthalocyanines (MPcs) are versatile conjugated macrocycles that have attracted a great deal of interest as an active component in modern organic electronic devices. In particular, the charge transport properties of MPcs, their chemical stability and their synthetic versatility make them ideal candidate materials for use in organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs). This article reviews recent progress in both the material design and device engineering of MPc-based OTFTs, including the introduction of solubilizing groups on the MPcs and the surface modification of substrates to induce favorable MPc self-assembly. Finally a discussion on emerging niche applications based on MPc OTFTs will be explored in addition to a perspective and outlook on these promising materials in OTFTs. The scope of this review is focused primarily on the advances made to the field of MPc-based OTFTs since 2008.


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